We bestow upon the years to come, the duty of accommodating those who are dedicated, those who have sacrificed, those who have reached beyond what is required and those who strive for opportunity. May the years to come accommodate those exceed above average expectations, demonstrate character, ethics and professionalism both in and out of their classes and studies, those who are dedicated to advancement not only in themselves but in their elected field and profession as well.

Life Rx has established a lifetime endowed scholarship both at Wayne State University’s School of Pharmacy and Ferris State University. A select number of students may apply in order to be considered for the scholarship, which is given once a year to qualified pharmacy students.
The LifeRx Endowed  Scholarship shall be awarded to full time pharmacy students in good standing who demonstrate a need for scholarship that is determine by the office of scholarship and financial aid. Preferences shall be given to all students living primary in the Wayne County region of Michigan and then to all who may qualify.
For more information about the scholarships students should contact the colleges of pharmacy at both Wayne State and Ferris State Universities.

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